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Welcome to ImmEx Technologies

Transforming Lifestyles with Innovative AI Apps & Tools

Discover the future of living with ImmEx Technologies. Our suite of AI Apps & Tools, including DreamzAR and Decor8 AI, seamlessly integrates Generative AI and Augmented Reality to simplify and beautify your everyday experiences, from landscape design to interior decoration. Experience unmatched ease and intelligent design at your fingertips.

DreamzAR App for Landscape Design : Transform Your Outdoor Space with Ease. 

Create stunning outdoor spaces effortlessly with DreamzAR! Transform your projects using 2D Design Studio (Photos), 3D Design Studio (Augmented Reality), and AI Design Stylist.

Decor8.AI for Interior Decoration : Instantly try on hundreds of stunning designs using just a photo of your room.

Decor8 AI is an innovative home decor app that allows you to visualize different interior design styles using just a photo of your room. With AI-powered technology, the app helps you make informed design decisions and create your dream living space.
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